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The 7th Annual Oyster Cook-Off Returns, 3 Day Weekend Includes Addition of Craft Beer Kickoff Party

The Hangout, in partnership with Alabama Gulf Seafood, will host the 7th Annual Oyster Cook-Off & Craft Beer Weekend on November 7-9th. The Oyster Cook-Off competition takes place on Saturday afternoon November 8th when 50+ chefs will compete in three categories for the best oyster, and patrons will have the chance to taste them all.

Dr. Watts

Alabama Sea Urchins Provide Gulf Seafood Delicacies Right Here at Home

For the past decade and a half, Dr. Watts and his team at UAB’s Biology Department have been hard at work culturing Gulf sea urchins to meet a market demand for this tasty seafood treat. Learn more about the story behind these spiny creatures.

Barnsley 1

An Alabama Gulf Seafood Evening at the Barnsley Resort:
A Winner’s Recap

Last month, Alabama Gulf Seafood and Southern Living teamed up and invited Gulf seafood fans to post their food photos with a dinner destination at the luxurious Barnsley Resort on the line. Dan and Lauren Gavin were one of the lucky entrants that made the cut. We asked them to recap their experience for us.

Colors of Gulf Shrimp

White, Brown, Pink, Red:
Learn the Differences in Gulf Shrimp

Unlike Gulf crab and oysters, each of which is harvested and processed prominently as only one species, Gulf shrimp come in different species—and they’re conveniently labeled by color. Why does it matter which color you’re getting? Well, it’s the same story as all Gulf seafood: it’s all about flavor.