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[s]Alabama Seafood Marketing Commission[/s] (left to right): Chris Blankenship, Pamela Henderson, Greg Ladnier, Nan Steedley, Ernie Anderson, Buffy Donlon, Brent Wallace, Chris Nelson, Ben Fairey, Kim Nix and Brian Jones.

Program Administrator

Chris Blankenship
Director of Marine Resources


Ralph Atkins
Southern Fish and Oyster Company

Ernie Anderson
Organized Seafood Association of Alabama | Graham Shrimp Co.

Raymond Barbour
J and B Seafood

Buffy Donlon
Wintzell’s Restaurant

Ellie Taylor
Alabama Grocers Associations

Ben Fairey
Necessity SportFishing Adventures

Larry Fidel
Alabama Restaurant Association

Chris Hastings
Hot and Hot Fish Club

Pamela Henderson
University of South Alabama, Human Resources

Greg Ladnier
Sea Pearl Seafood

Jon Mason
Governor’s Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives

Chris Nelson
Bon Secour Fisheries

Dr. Glenn Richey
The University of Alabama, Marketing

David Pham
Boat People SOS

Brent Wallace
Wallace Seafood Trader

Ex Officio Members

David Sessions
Alabama House of Representatives, District 105 (Mobile Co.)

Ron Dawsey
Alabama Department of Public Health, Seafood Branch

Joe Faust
Alabama House of Representatives, District 94 (Baldwin Co.)

Brian Jones
Alabama Tourism Department

John McMillan
Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries

Patrick Moody
Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries

Kim Nix
Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

Lee Sentell
Alabama Tourism Department

Jim Smith
Executive Chef for the State of Alabama

Wayne Walker
Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries