AquaSouth Seafood Strikes Shrimp Partnership at the 2013 Alabama Gulf Seafood Summit

When the 2013 Alabama Gulf Seafood Summit took place in March, industry leaders didn’t just come together to talk shop and pat each other on the back. They came together to solve problems, seek out improvements, and create new opportunities.

One such opportunity presented itself to Don Abercrombie, owner of AquaSouth Seafood and Abercrombie Foods, who attended the Alabama Gulf Seafood Summit in hopes of partnering with a Gulf shrimp wholesaler to produce a high-quality microwaveable shrimp product.

“We went to the Alabama Gulf Seafood Summit, and we were looking for suppliers of the top quality shrimp in the industry,” said Abercrombie. “And from that meeting, we were able to find exactly that.”

Abercrombie, who has been selling farm-raised catfish through the AquaSouth brand for more than 25 years, had been considering a shrimp product for a while. And now, thanks in part to connections made at the Alabama Gulf Seafood Summit, that shrimp product has been on grocery store shelves for more than a month now.

AquaSouth’s Cajun Style Shrimp is a frozen, microwaveable peel-and-eat Gulf shrimp that’s ready to eat in just three minutes.

Shrimp-aquasouthOf course, this is no ordinary microwaveable shrimp; because AquaSouth’s shrimp come straight from Alabama’s Gulf Coast and are chemical-free, they can provide a healthy, delicious product to seafood lovers throughout the Southeast.

And for seafood fans who prefer to try it before they buy it, AquaSouth will be doing cooking demos this month in grocery stores throughout the state—including Star Markets, Gateway Foods, Grocery Outlets and Food Outlets—to help promote the product. Demos will include free samples of and promotional pricing on the new product.

“It’s a good-tasting, restaurant-quality shrimp,” said Abercrombie. “We’ve had chefs say to us that they cannot believe that this was cooked in a microwave.”

In fact, Abercrombie says that the Gulf shrimp they’ve just begun distributing throughout the Southeast are the same shrimp that they serve at his restaurant, Abercrombie Fish Camp in Clayton, Ala.

And thanks to Trace Register, the same parent company behind Gulf Seafood Trace, seafood lovers can enter a code from the AquaSouth package and find out exactly where their shrimp were caught and processed. Gulf Seafood Trace was also one of the presenters at the Summit.

The 2014 Alabama Gulf Seafood Summit is on track for another spring session, and there are sure to be more opportunities on the horizon for every corner of Alabama’s Gulf seafood industry.

“It was probably the best meeting regarding seafood topics that I have ever attended,” said Abercrombie. “There were so many people there who were open to new ideas and finding solutions to some of the issues we face. Everyone was so willing to cooperate.”

To get a taste of AquaSouth’s Cajun Style Shrimp, check out the video below where Averi Abercrombie shows off this new product.