Blue Marlin Grand Championship Lures Anglers to The Wharf

They don’t call it “The Greatest Show in Sportfishing” for nothin’.

This past weekend, the seafood spectacle that is the Blue Marlin Grand Championship, saw tons of enormous prizefish weighing in at The Wharf at Orange Beach during one of the Gulf Coast’s most exciting and entertaining sportfishing events of the year.

How big do these fish get, you may ask? Talk to J.J. Tabor, this year’s big winner who reeled in a blue marlin weighing in at a whopping 716.6 pounds.

This year’s event, benefitting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and presented by Pelagic, was officially sold out well in advance, with 60 registered teams scheduled to compete along Alabama’s Gulf Coast.

If you’ve never been to the Blue Marlin Grand Championship, know this—these fish are huge.

The 2013 event saw Alabama’s Blue Marlin record broken twice, first with a 789.8-pound Blue Marlin that broke the state’s 24-year-old record, then with an enormous 845.8-pound specimen.

With enormous fish like Tuna, Wahoo, and Dolphinfish (or Mahi-Mahi) reeled in by the truckload, it’s no shocker that the weigh-ins are the main event, drawing tons of spectators every year.

Want to see some of this year’s most impressive catches? Check out their photo gallery over on the Blue Marlin Grand Championship Facebook page.

For more information, visit thewharfmarina.com/bmgc.