Celebrate National Seafood Month with Alabama Gulf Seafood

October is National Seafood Month!

That means we get not just one day, not just one week, but a whole month to celebrate the genuine goodness of fresh Alabama Gulf Seafood.

How should we celebrate, you may ask? Well, there’s a clear-cut answer, of course—eat up! But there are several ways to do just that, and we’re here to help make those courses of action easier.

Stop by a local seafood restaurant

Wherever you live in Alabama, we’re willing to bet there’s a restaurant in your county or the next that serves Alabama Gulf Seafood. (Need help finding one? Check out our Find It tool.)

Pay ‘em a visit this month and order up some of that fresh product! The more you order it, the more they’ll put it on the menu.

Do you have a favorite seafood spot in town that doesn’t serve Alabama product? Ask them to put it on the menu! Remember our motto: Always ask, never settle.

Order from a market and cook your own

There are lots of grocery stores and seafood markets throughout the state that handle fresh-caught Alabama product. Sure, it may cost a bit more than imported seafood, but we promise you’ll be able to taste the difference. And we’ve got tons of recipes for you to try!

Is your go-to supermarket in short supply when it comes to Alabama Gulf Seafood? Again, don’t forget: Always ask, never settle!

Stock up on seafood cooking supplies

If you’re pledging to cook more Alabama Gulf Seafood in your own kitchen, you’ll need the right tools for efficient meal preparation.

Not sure what to buy? We’ve got a few recommendations for seafood tools that every kitchen needs.

Spread the love for Alabama seafood

The holiday season is just around the corner, you know. What better excuse do you need to buy a few seafood gifts for your friends and family?

Need a few more gift ideas beyond gift cards and kitchen tools? Check out our 2018 holiday gift guide for more suggestions.

Take a photo and share it online

Cooking and eating Alabama Gulf Seafood is a wonderful way to help our industry. But you know what’s even better? Evangelizing on your social networks!

For the past several years, our supporters have been cataloguing their catches and dishes by using the #ALSeafood hashtag on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. In fact, we’re up to 1000 hashtag uses over on Instagram—not bad, right? And if you’re eating Alabama Gulf Seafood soon, we want to see your photos too!

There are thousands of men and women that make their living in Alabama’s seafood industry, and our industry is growing, but there’s always room for improvement.

Thank you all for spreading the love, and we hope you have a fantastic National Seafood Month!