Fisher’s Southern Grace Dinner Series Brings All-Star Chefs to South Alabama

The only thing better than a full-course meal created by an award-winning chef? A full-course meal created by two award-winning chefs.

And that’s exactly what you’ll be in store for this season at the Southern Grace dinner series at Fisher’s at Orange Beach Marina.

Over the course of seven dinners, Chef Bill Briand and his team will partner up with one (or two) noteworthy chefs from around the Southeast to present a once-in-a-lifetime dinner—complete with plenty of fresh, locally sourced Alabama Gulf Seafood.

For each dinner, Chef Briand and the visiting chef(s) will concept the meal based on the freshest seasonal ingredients available, then Chef Briand’s staff will help the chefs execute the dinner on the spot.

“There is no shortage of great chefs that want to come and spend a few days at the beach and cook fresh Alabama seafood,” said Fisher’s owner Johnny Fisher. “It’s great for the area in so many ways, from the guests that come in from out of town for the dinners to the national exposure it gives our little slice of paradise. And the value in being able to experience the food of these great chefs without having to travel to their restaurants is pretty cool.”

This year’s lineup of guest chefs includes:

While guests will be treated to a delectable meal that they won’t soon forget, this year’s Southern Grace dinners will be a treat for Chef Briand and his team as well.

“It’s great to see my line cooks interacting with these great chefs, learning different cooking styles,” said Briand. “It’s an honor to work with all these great chefs. Then on Friday, I get to take them fishing or on a boat cruise.”

This year’s event will also be a benefit for Southern Foodways Alliance, specifically the Gravy podcast, which was named the James Beard Foundation’s Publication of the Year.

After working with the SFA in 2014 on a short film about Bayley’s Seafood in Theodore, AL, Fisher knew he had to work with them again.

“The Southern Foodways Alliance has always been dear to my heart,” said Fisher. “They’re the foremost national resource on the study and living history of Southern foodways.”

Tickets are now on sale for this year’s Southern Grace dinner series, and if you hadn’t already guessed by now, they come highly recommended by us here at Alabama Gulf Seafood.

And if you’re still not sure what to expect, take it from Chef Briand:

“Expect the best food using the best Alabama Gulf Seafood that you have ever eaten on the gulf coast.”