Win a Fall Beach Vacation With the Alabama Gulf Seafood Getaway Giveaway

Here in Alabama, the summers are long, and the beaches are beautiful.

But as anyone on the Third Coast will tell you, the weather on the Gulf Coast is excellent all the way up until Thanksgiving.

That’s why we’re partnering with WIAT 42 News in Birmingham to bring you the 2014 Alabama Gulf Seafood Getaway Giveaway!

One lucky seafood fan will win an excellent prize package courtesy of Kaiser Realty by Wyndam Vacation Rentals, High Cotton Charters, The Hangout, WIAT 42 News, and Alabama Gulf Seafood.

Starting November 7, you’ll receive a three-night stay for four people at a luxurious two-bedroom condo from Kaiser Realty by Windham Vacation Rentals in Gulf Shores.

But you won’t want to sleep in too late. You’ll experience a half-day of charter boat fishing on the Gulf Coast high seas with the fine folks at High Cotton Charters.

Finally, you’ll cap off the weekend with a prize pack from the Oyster Cook-Off at The Hangout that includes a packet of tasting tickets redeemable for delicious oysters to split between you and your friends!

Oh, and if you need some new gear to wear on your trip, you’ll get an Alabama Gulf Seafood swag pack that includes four t-shirts, caps, and totes.

The contest ends July 25th, so hurry and enter today!

And if you’re our lucky winner, remember that Alabama Gulf Seafood is always the freshest, safest choice when it comes to seafood. Discover the difference for yourself, and enjoy!