Southern Living’s Test Kitchen: Chef Chris Hastings’ Grilled Cobia

Chef Chris Hastings spent his childhood family vacations gathering fresh seafood for his parents to cook. It’s no surprise, then, that his flagship restaurant, Birmingham’s Hot and Hot Fish Club, is one of the most popular eateries in the state.

While Hastings treasures every fish along the Alabama Gulf Coast, one of his favorites is fresh Cobia. This thick, meaty fish can be grilled to perfection without much effort thanks to a high fat content and a tender, buttery texture.

One thing’s for sure: Hastings knows his fish. To see why “Alabama seafood just blows [his] mind every time,” try this simple but tasty recipe: Grilled Cobia on Three-Bean Salad.

(Note: If you don’t have access to Cobia, don’t fret; Hastings will tell you that several other fresh fish, like Grouper or Pompano, can be substituted just as easily.)

For a written version of Hastings’ Grilled Cobia, head over to our recipes section.

And for more of Hastings’ recipes, pick up a copy of “The Hot and Hot Fish Club Cookbook: A Celebration of Food, Family & Traditions,” a new collection of recipes, lifestyle menus and a sourcing guide all rolled into one.