Support Local Eateries in Need During Alabama Restaurant Week

As anyone living here can tell you, Alabama has become a culinary destination for foodies and tourists.

From Downtown Florence to the shores of the Gulf Coast, there are so many amazing plates to try. (This list of 100 Dishes to Eat in Alabama is a great place to get started.) That’s why we love celebrating our local restaurants every August during Alabama Restaurant Week, featuring an abundance of good food at great prices.

This year—well, this year’s a little different.

COVID-19 has hurt the restaurant industry more than most, and things have been even more desperate for local establishments that can’t get by on corporate support. Many cherished eateries have already shuttered their doors, and countless others are struggling.

That’s why this year’s Alabama Restaurant Week is more important than ever before.

From August 14-23—that’s a full week with two weekends around it, if you’re keeping score—locally owned and independent restaurants all across the state will be featuring lunch and/or dinner specials where you can get some of their signature cuisine for a great all-in-one price. And of course, since there’s fresh Alabama Gulf Seafood served all over, there’ll be plenty of our friends participating.

Normally we’d encourage you to dine in and support the servers at these local restaurants. And some locations have opened their doors with limited seating for those who feel comfortable eating out. But this year, we’d encourage you to order takeout during Alabama Restaurant Week, or have your meals delivered where available. It tastes just as great at home, you know!

And please be sure to order directly from the restaurants whenever possible rather than through a third-party delivery service. This will save the restaurant on usage fees, and you’ll be able to stay up to date with daily specials and seasonal menus that might not be updated online.

Huntsville already has their restaurants listed, as does Birmingham, where residents will be treated to a whole second week at the end of the month. Even the city of Enterprise is getting in on the action.

For residents elsewhere, call your favorite restaurants and ask if they’re participating! And if they are, any support for local chefs and restaurateurs is appreciated, but we sure would love it if you’d ask if there’s Gulf seafood on the menu.

Thank you for coming together to lift up our local restaurants, and happy Alabama Restaurant Week, y’all.