Make Alabama Gulf Seafood the High Point of Your Wedding Party

By Jan Walsh, BirminghamBrides.com

If you love seafood, serve it at your wedding events.

Alabama Gulf Seafood is the best catch for wedding brunches, lunches, parties, showers, rehearsal dinners and receptions.

Seafood sets a festive tone—especially when you forgo the chafing dish and serve it cold. A beautifully presented, Alabama Gulf Seafood Tower draws guests to the buffet table. And for seated events, smaller towers for each table provides an immediate first course with no wait for every person to be served.

A tall tower—of oysters on the half shell, shrimp cocktail, and marinated, sautéed crab claws—makes an elegant, dramatic focal point on the buffet table. Layers of crushed ice keeps the seafood cold and succulent in a large three-tiered stainless tower, with each tier presenting a different delight. Low lying seafood, such as oysters on the half shell, nestled in ice, make a nice bed for the bottom level. And fresh parsley adds color, aroma and texture to this layer. The middle tier makes a magnificent shrimp cocktail for a crowd, with large pink shrimp both mounded high inside and dangling from the middle tier. Small, glass cups of cocktail sauce with tiny spoons and cheesecloth covered lemon halves accompany the shrimp. Ribbons matching wedding colors and theme can be incorporated to tie the cheesecloth. And for the top level, a mound of crab claws, with small servings of remoulade sauce, crown this big chill.

For sit down reception lunches or dinners, such as bridesmaid lunches, rehearsal dinners or wedding receptions, smaller towers are a big hit. Multiple, smaller towers can be placed on the center of each table as the first course atop stands for added height. Dishes matching the wedding colors and theme that have some depth and a wide rim for accompaniments are ideal. And there is no wait time for service with this appetizer of oysters, shrimp and crab claws rising up a mountain of ice. The interactivity of this dish also “breaks the ice,” among strangers seated together—inviting guests to meet, greet and interact with each other. Individual bowls for shrimp and claw tails should also accompany the tower. And once the seafood disappears, as it quickly will, the ice remains and these bowls should be removed from the table before the second course.

Depending on the season and the level of formality of the event, you can alternate varieties of oysters, shrimp and crab claws or add other fresh catches. Plan ahead for what will be in season during the month of your wedding events in the What’s in Season section of this website. And regardless of the month, Alabama Seafood has a wide net with something to please everyone.

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