Chef Chris Sherrill to Open Two New Gulf Coast Restaurants

For many years now, Chef Chris Sherrill has been one of the most noteworthy chefs on Alabama’s Gulf Coast.

He’s served up countless tasty meals at the Flora-Bama Yacht Club. He’s shined a spotlight on underutilized seafood species through his work with the NUISANCE Group. He’s competed in the Great American Seafood Cook-Off, World Food Championships, and the Zatarain’s Restaurant Challenge. He just returned from a culinary diplomacy tour in Africa. He even represented our state and country at the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

Now he’s about to face his biggest challenge: Opening not one but two restaurants.

The first restaurant will be Beach Street Bistro, a breakfast and lunch restaurant at the San Roc Cay Marina in Orange Beach, AL. Beach Street Bistro will specialize in all Alabama products catered toward a breakfast/lunch setting.

The second restaurant, Salt, will be the flagship restaurant at the same San Roc Cay Marina location. Salt will specialize in Alabama coastal cuisine with fresh, local produce and—you guessed it—a huge focus on Alabama Gulf Seafood, including the invasive species that the NUISANCE Group serves to uplift.

“Both of these spaces contain existing restaurants, and both of them are at the end of their lease,” said Sherrill. “We saw an opportunity to take possession of them and we are excited for the challenge.”

Salt is expected to open in mid-September and Beach Street Bistro is expected to open in mid-October.

Fans of Sherrill’s work at the Flora-Bama Yacht Club can rest assured that he’ll be serving up more delicious Alabama Gulf Seafood dishes and more at the new location.

“Of the 12 fish we will serve, eight of them will be locally sourced Alabama fish,” said Sherrill. “We’ll have a huge focus on local oysters, local shrimp (especially Royal Reds!), and of course, lots of NUISANCE fish! We will cut down on what’s wasted on the fish, too—lots of focus on fish collars, fish backbones, and fish stocks.”

And if Sherrill’s cheerleading is any indicator, patrons may discover the Gulf Coast’s next great chef in the process.

“While I’ll be the chef/owner of this concept, I’ll be launching the career of Chef Landon Benton,” said Sherrill. “He is relatively unheard of at this time but he will be a recognized name before long. Up-and-coming pastry chef Samantha Niemi will be joining our team as well!”

Stay tuned for more information about Chef Sherrill’s new restaurants. He’s certainly got our endorsement.