Grand Bay Resident to Showcase Alabama Gulf Seafood at American Royal Miss Pageant

Alabama Gulf Seafood fans like to show their support in many different ways. Clothing, artwork, stickers on the cooler—you name it.

This month, one young lady is showing her support through a very unique platform: the American Royal Miss Pageant.

8-year-old Sophie Davis of Grand Bay, AL, will be competing in the pageant July 12-16 in Gulfport, MS. She’s competed in a few pageants in her young career, since age 4, but this will be her first national pageant.

And because she’ll be on a national stage, she’ll be asked to represent her home state during the state costume portion of the pageant. Previous American Royal Miss Pageant contestants from our state have chosen to showcase other local institutions like the U.S.S. Alabama and University of Alabama football.

As for Sophie’s costume theme? You guessed it—Alabama’s seafood industry.

“Sophie loves the beaches, she’s like a fish out of water,” said Elizabeth Davis, Sophie’s mother. “Which brought up the many creatures that live in the sea—that we love to eat! So we chose to support Alabama Gulf Seafood because it’s a unique platform that benefits our local seafood industry.”

Elizabeth and Sophie have lived in Grand Bay for five years. While they don’t work in Alabama’s seafood industry themselves, they do have family right up the road, and they’re enjoying living in the country.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that they have fresh Alabama Gulf Seafood close by.

“I believe it’s important to buy local Alabama Gulf Seafood,” said Sophie. “Because it helps support local families and because it’s fresh seafood. Eat fresh seafood!”

Sophie’s favorite local seafood market is Mudbugs at The Loop, and her favorite Gulf seafood dishes are fried Red Snapper and popcorn shrimp.

Since Sophie and Elizabeth are supporting our industry, we hope you’ll show them support as she travels to our neighboring state to represent us well at the American Royal Miss Pageant.

Go get ‘em, Sophie!