Impress Your Foodie Friends with our Gulf Seafood Gift Guide

Christmas is almost here. Your loved ones deserve the best, and you want to give ‘em something they won’t soon forget—or forget to use.

Never fear: Your friends here at Alabama Gulf Seafood put our brains together to bring you a practical gift guide for your foodie friends and family (and those who want to eat more like foodies).

Sure, you could get ‘em a gift card to their favorite seafood restaurant or market, or maybe some seasonings and other accoutrements. But those things (delicious though they may be) won’t last very long.

So here’s our list of Gulf seafood gifts for all the seafood fans in your life.

Oyster Knife ($8 – $15)Oysters are one of tastiest and more premium catches on the Gulf Coast—but you gotta work for ‘em. With a quality oyster knife, you’ll be able to serve the freshest Gulf oysters in your own home.

Crab Mallet ($5 – $20) – Much like oysters, blue crabs are delicious, but you gotta know how to work ‘em. Crab mallets come in all shapes and sizes, so whether you toss in a less expensive wooden mallet or break for a metal model, it’ll come in handy at your next crab boil.

Shrimp Skewers ($10 – $20) – If you’re building kebobs with fresh Gulf shrimp, don’t settle for cheap wooden skewers that’ll break and get thrown away. A nice set of stainless steel skewers will add a bit of class to the meal.

Cedar Grilling Planks ($15 – $30) – There are plenty of ways to cook Gulf fish, but one of the most popular (and most flavorful) methods is a cedar grilling plank. Get ‘em by the set and make Gulf fish a regular event in your kitchen.

Alabama Gulf Seafood T-Shirt ($25) – We couldn’t do a gift guide without including one from our own shop. You kind folks have responded quite well to these t-shirts, so we’ve got ‘em for sale over at Big City Brand.

Shrimp Boiler ($50 – $200) – When you’ve got guests coming over for a party, the big game, or just a nice dinner, there’s nothing quite like a low country boil. A quality boiler set will open your world to new (and delicious) seafood possibilities.

Yeti Cooler ($200 – $500) – If you’re goin’ deep sea fishing, you’re bringin’ a premium cooler. The folks at Yeti make some of the best gear on the market, perfect for keeping your fresh catches cool from dawn ‘til dusk.

Gulf Coast Vacation (Prices Vary) – The holidays can be awfully stressful, so maybe it’s time to take your family or your sweetheart on a beach vacation. Our friends at Meyer Vacation Rentals can take care of everything for you.

Bulls Bay Oyro ($1295) – The Bulls Bay Oyro will cost you a pretty penny, but this wonderful new product hearkens back to a South Carolina tradition of fire-roasted oysters. No wonder it won Garden & Gun’s Made In The South Award this year.

Perhaps your foodie friends are looking for new dish ideas for the equipment they already have? There’s always room for another quality cookbook on the shelf.

We recommend Chris Hastings’ Hot and Hot Fish Club Cookbook, Frank Stitt’s Southern Table, Lucy Buffett’s Crazy Sista Cooking, John Besh’s Cooking From The Heart, and the Junior League of Birmingham’s Tables of Content.

We hope you’ll find our suggestions helpful, and if you dive in on one or more of ‘em, we hope your loved ones enjoy their gifts (and use them for fresh Alabama Gulf Seafood, of course).

Oh, and do us a favor: When they break out their gifts and take ‘em for a test run, post a few photos and tag ‘em with #ALSeafood.

Happy Holidays, Gulf seafood fans!