Memoir of a Mollusk: Gulf Seafood Fans Share Stories of Their First Oyster

Last month, we had an idea: Let’s ask our Twitter base to share their stories of trying their first Gulf oyster.


Sure, it’s hard to remember our first time trying most things. But oysters? You remember your first oyster. They’re one of the most unique foods on the earth in terms of taste, texture, and appearance—and plenty of folks are scared to try ‘em at all.

Your first oyster stories? They were great.

So we decided we should band them together and feature them here on our website. Yes, we weren’t able to give each of you an oyster knife prize, but all of you deserve to have your stories on display.

Give ‘em a quick read through, and if you find yourself craving a dozen or two, track down an Alabama Gulf Seafood restaurant near you.