Piggly Wiggly, Other Local Grocery Stores to Carry Alabama Gulf Seafood

With more than 30 million pounds of Alabama Gulf Seafood caught every year, there’s certainly plenty to go around.

And now it’ll be even easier to find.

Piggly Wiggly grocery stores throughout Jefferson County are now selling Alabama Gulf Seafood. Participating locations include Bluff Park, Clairmont, Crestline, Homewood, and River Run.

Western Supermarkets locations in Mountain Brook and Hoover and Whole Foods in Mountain Brook, just to name a few, are featuring Alabama Gulf Seafood as well.

Carrying fresh, locally sourced seafood will certainly provide a boost to Alabama’s seafood industry. As for the customers, they’ll be provided a service that has been in high demand in recent years.

“I am seeing people come up to me and say how happy they are to finally see Alabama Gulf Seafood in a grocery store rather than having to go to a seafood market,” said Guy Lott, president of Sales Management Solutions, LLC. “There’s a nice demand for that.”

Whole Foods stores throughout the Southeast began serving boutique, farm-raised oysters from Point aux Pins in Grand Bay, Ala. in December of 2012 while they were available. After a positive response to this promotion, Whole Foods is increasing their commitment by offering a bigger variety of Alabama Gulf Seafood.

Recently, Andy Virciglio of Piggly Wiggly Food Stores of Jefferson County Inc. has been offering Alabama jumbo Gulf shrimp and other items in the seafood cases of Birmingham area stores.

Quality products with local origins are always a plus for Piggly Wiggly’s inventory. But for Virciglio, it was the commitment from the customers and the brand itself that truly stood out.

“People with their local products come into our stores weekly wanting to sell their product in our stores, which we proudly support,” Virciglio said. “But it’s not every day someone is willing to support and partner with us the way Alabama Gulf Seafood has and see it through to the end.”

In addition to carrying Alabama Gulf Seafood, Piggly Wiggly stores in the Birmingham area will be featuring at least one Alabama Gulf Seafood item every week to help promote the brand. Featured items over the last several weeks have included medium Alabama shrimp, jumbo Alabama shrimp and Alabama shrimp cakes. Check out Piggly Wiggly’s weekly flyers and look for our logo to check out the weekly specials.

More grocery stores throughout the state are planning to carry Alabama Gulf Seafood as well. Ellie Taylor, president of the Alabama Grocers Association, believes that a committed involvement in supporting local products is vitally important.

“When a consumer buys things locally, they know that they are supporting their local economy, local jobs, and most importantly, they know where the products are originated,” said Taylor. “Consumers want to know that their products are safe, have been inspected, and taste good.”

Locally sourced foods and other products are on the rise, and now that Alabama Gulf Seafood is being supplied at neighborhood grocery stores, the Gulf seafood industry can become an even bigger part of that movement.

“It means a lot to Piggly Wiggly to be able to support an industry with such a great history in Alabama,” said Lott. “They see value in serving products from the Gulf. When we can tell them the story of Alabama Gulf Seafood, they can tell that story to their customers.”

Buying Alabama Gulf Seafood doesn’t just guarantee that you’re getting the freshest possible product—it means you’re supporting the waters that support our state. To find out who carries Alabama Gulf Seafood in our state, look over our retailers database.

And remember to “always ask, never settle” when it comes to fresh Alabama Gulf Seafood. Check the seafood case and look for the point of origin on the price tag to make sure you’re buying seafood from the Gulf. If you’re still not certain, ask your local grocer where their seafood is caught.