Start Your Next Meal with These Seven Seafood Appetizers

We love that seafood has earned a reputation for being a culinary delicacy. And we agree—the product we harvest from our Gulf Coast is among the finest things you can put on a plate.

But Alabama Gulf Seafood isn’t just for the main course, you know. Whether you kick-start your palates with a dozen Gulf oysters, a dish of delicious crab dip, or any number of Gulf shrimp recipes, you’ll be getting dinnertime started the right way.

If you’re looking to spice up your next family meal with a first course, or you’re just craving a fresh summer snack, here are seven Alabama Gulf Seafood appetizers that are sure to impress.

Bourbon Hot Sauce Royal Red Shrimp

If you thought Royal Red Shrimp pack a lot of natural flavor on their own—well, you thought right. But that flavor is elevated to another level in this recipe from the kitchen at Odette, home of not one but two Alabama Seafood Cook-Off winners. It only takes a few ingredients to do the trick here; just make sure you don’t settle for the cheap stuff when it comes to the bourbon!

Game Day Alabama Gulf Shrimp Fried Mac & Cheese Bites

You don’t have to wait ‘til football season to indulge in some gameday cravings, and this recipe combines two guilty pleasures into one. Fried shrimp, combined with mac and cheese (three different cheeses, in fact), all wrapped up into little golden-friend nuggets. What’s not to love? This recipe even comes with its own delicious remoulade, so no need to search for a sauce.

Dixie Fish Company's Orange and Blue Oyster Poppers

Orange & Blue Oyster Poppers

Speaking of gameday snacks, here’s a recipe that you don’t have to be an Auburn fan to love, despite the color scheme. Find as many Gulf oysters as you can get your hands on, then whip up this mixture of delightful flavors (feel free to substitute the hot sauce of your choice), fry up the oysters in a skillet, and toss ‘em all together. The bleu cheese is just icing on the cake.

Oysters Rockefeller

When it comes to Southern cuisine, this delightful concoction belongs to the Gulf Coast. And yes, this dish dates back 130 years to the time of its namesake, on account of its “richness.” The combination of fresh spinach, Conecuh bacon, and Louisiana Hot Sauce really brings out the flavor of Gulf oysters, and if you’ve never tried this one, now’s the time to broaden your culinary horizons.

Crabby Stuffed Avocados

If you’re trying to keep your calorie count low while waiting on the main course, grab a half-dozen avocados and crack open this recipe. The avocado pairs beautifully with tomato and fresh lump crabmeat (from Alabama Blue Crabs, of course) for a guilt-free snack that goes perfect with warm weather. We’d recommend serving this one in The Oyster Bed for peak plating!

BBQ Crab Claws

With fresh Blue Crab claws and a homemade barbeque blend, this recipe is the perfect way to kick off an Alabama dinner party on a summer evening. Once you track down the fresh claw meat from your local seafood market, it only takes a few additional ingredients to whip up this recipe, and you might already have several of them in your kitchen. Sometimes a simple dish is the right dish, folks.

Bob Baumhower’s Kingfish Spread

Fish doesn’t lend itself to appetizer size as well as other Alabama Gulf Seafood products, but this one from Alabama’s favorite defensive-tackle-turned-restaurateur is a noteworthy exception. This recipe makes quite a bit, too, so bring empty stomachs and lots of veggies for dipping. And for your company who are unfamiliar with King Mackerel, just let ‘em know it’s similar to salmon.

Ready to stock up on fresh product and get cooking? Find an Alabama Gulf Seafood supplier in your neighborhood.