Make the Perfect Fish Sandwich with These Six Alabama Finfish

There’s just something about the fish sandwich, isn’t there? Burgers, Reubens, clubs, and most of the other standards stick to a formula—the toppings and preparation styles vary, of course, but the essential ingredient remains the same. With a fish sandwich, though, the possibilities are endless. Fortunately for us here on the Gulf Coast, there are dozens of fresh finfish to choose from when it’s time for lunch. Not all of them are well-suited to go between bread, but many of them are, including some species that you might not think of. Here are six of our favorite fish to cook up and put on a bun. And if you need a recipe to try, our Fried Fish Po Boy with Tart and Tangy Cole Slaw is perfect for many of the fish listed below. Enjoy! Grouper For lots of folks, the “classic” fish sandwich is a Grouper sandwich. The flavor is mild and the filets are firm, so it’s no surprise that it’s one of the more popular candidates. Grilled is an excellent choice, but if you want a bit more flare to your meal, try blackening your Grouper. Mahi Mahi When cooked well, Mahi Mahi will retain its shape while flaking away softly with each bite, making it an ideal candidate for a fish sandwich. You don’t have to do much to it, either—try it grilled on both sides for a few minutes with a squeeze of lemon, then add an aioli if you need a little extra flavor. Red Snapper Alabama is known as the Red Snapper Capital of the World, which means we love to put this delicious fish in any recipe we can. They pack a lot of natural flavor on their own, so there’s no need for excess seasoning. And while they fry up nicely, we’d recommend grilling your filets on a cedar plank. Spanish Mackerel If you love a robust, flavorful fish like Salmon, you owe Spanish Mackerel a try. In fact, it’s one of the most underrated fish on the Gulf Coast for its taste and its health benefits. You can bake or broil these filets to great results, but we love breading this fish and throwing it in a fryer. Triggerfish Your parents or grandparents may not’ve thought much of Triggerfish, but it’s become a local favorite for its uniquely sweet flavor. Triggerfish filets are light and thin, which makes it perfect for a big po’ boy sandwich. Just coat them in mustard or buttermilk, add some fish fry, and throw ‘em in the oil. Whiting Whiting is an ideal species for a neighborhood fish fry, which means they’re perfect between bread too. Each fish only weighs a couple pounds, and they’re mild and flaky, so they’ll adapt to the flavor of your favorite seasonings. Make sure you buy ‘em in bulk and make enough for the whole family. If you love a fish sandwich but you’d rather leave it to the experts, use our Restaurant Locator to find seafood restaurants in your neighborhood.

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