Alabama Gulf Seafood Commercials

Alabama Gulf Seafood has a story to tell. We’re running commercials telling the story of the real heros of the Alabama Gulf Seafood industry – the fisherman responsible for delivering the best seafood in the world to our restaurants and kitchen tables everyday. See our current commercials below and stay tuned for more.

When we say “Caught with Honor,” we’re talking about hard-working folks who have been doing this for decades. And when we say “Serve with Pride,” we can honestly say these fishermen won’t serve you anything they wouldn’t serve their own families first. That’s just the way we do things along Alabama’s Gulf Coast.

They always say, teach a man to fish feed him for a lifetime – but to never say why. Truth is, once a man gets a hold of Alabama Red Snapper, Grouper or Flounder he’s hooked for life. Alabama Gulf Seafood, Genuine Goodness.

It’s something you’ll find in Alabama’s favorite restaurants. You’ll find it in Chris Hastings’ Hot & Hot Fish Club, Baumhower’s Compleat Angler and Wesley True’s Midtown Kitchen. It’s on the menu at The Hangout in Gulf Shores, Wintzell’s Oyster House and at Frank Stitt’s legendary Highlands Bar & Grill. But before you enjoy it in their finest creations, we find it here. Alabama Gulf Seafood… genuine goodness.

There’s some places known for their crab. But did you know that every year more than 5 million pounds of crab are sent to those places, straight from Alabama. Well for them we’ve got a message – You’re welcome. Alabama Seafood, genuine goodness.

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