Alabama Gulf Seafood at the Hangout Festival

In three years, the Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores has established itself as one of the world’s great destination music events. And in May 2012, organizers realized their wildest dreams as 35,000 festivalgoers were exposed to the holy trinity of a true Hangout experience: perfect weather, top-notch music and the best food around.

Inside the Hangout Fest’s gates, there are two main stages on either end of the beach, among many others, and for three days they shared “main attraction” status with the Alabama Gulf Seafood tent, for as one festival friend said over a fresh tuna sandwich, “You gotta eat!”

And the masses did eat, streaming through the air-conditioned tent, which spilled over with more than 3,000 pounds Alabama Gulf seafood.

Not to mention the VIPs and festival artists, who were treated to grouper, snapper, tuna, crab, shrimp and oysters in places like the artists’ village and the 5-star VIP restaurant where Chef Ephraim Kadish created gourmet fantasies. Kadish also oversaw the preparation and recipes featured in the seafood tent on the Festival’s main drag.

Gulf Shores Mayor Robert Craft might have had a favorite among the Alabama Gulf seafood offerings during Hangout Music Festival, but he was sure to try it all.

But you didn’t have to grow up in south Alabama to appreciate what Alabama Gulf Seafood was cooking, as residents from all 50 states made their way around the Hangout Festival, with many stopping in to load up a tray of fresh Gulf seafood.

Chance brought a group of New Yorkers to the Alabama Gulf Seafood tent, and from their enthusiasm, their first visit wasn’t their last.

Unlike their neighbors to the east, several in a group from Oklahoma chose to go the try-it-all route. They had made the long trip to south Alabama to have a unique experience, and as if the weather and music weren’t enough to do it for them, the seafood certainly was. It’s no wonder all involved promised and delivered “an experience like none other.”

And while tens of thousands of visitors to Hangout Music Festival headed home to other states with wonderful memories and full stomachs, the good news is that Alabama Gulf seafood is just as fresh today as it was in May. Just another excuse to live, buy and eat local!

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