Alabama Gulf Seafood’s Holiday Recipe Guide

Gulf seafood is wildly popular during the warm months. And for good reason—when vacationers hit the beaches, there’s no better dish to dine on.

But Gulf seafood during the fall and winter months is just as tasty and timely.

Don’t believe us? Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered.

We narrowed down our extensive recipe section to bring you several cold-weather selections for the holiday season, from appetizers and starters to the main course.

Dig in, eat up, and Happy Holidays, folks.


Grilled Shrimp Tapenade Crostini – Featuring rich flavors from olives, garlic and lemon juice pilled high on crunchy flatbread, this recipe is easy to eat on your feet and a sure fire crowd-pleaser.

Chargrilled Oysters – Give your guests a true taste of Alabama! This Chargrilled Oyster recipe offers an easy way to enjoy one of Alabama’s best exports. Easy prep and a short cook time, this recipe will allow you to serve big flavor to your guests without a big time commitment.

Dixie Fish Co.’s Orange & Blue Oyster Poppers – This recipe comes fresh from the kitchen of one of Birmingham’s most popular seafood restaurants, so you know it’s good. Featuring Alabama Gulf Oysters deep-fried, tossed in Buffalo sauce and served with a blue cheese dipping sauce on the half-shell, this recipe is perfect for cocktail party mingling.

Crabmeat Spread – Make ahead dishes make for a much more pleasant evening for hosts. This crabmeat spread is easy on time but big on flavor, just make sure you plan ahead because it requires at least 8 hours in the fridge. Serve with crackers at party time and let the compliments pour in while you pour yourself a cocktail.

Shrimp & Grit Tartlets – How can a person improve upon one of the South’s most famous delicacies? Make it mobile. This recipe allows you to serve up bite-sized portions of one of the world’s most perfect dishes.


Wintzell’s Oyster Stew – A perfect warm-up for a cold night and a big holiday meal. This recipe comes with 75 years of seafood expertise and the Wintzell’s stamp of approval.

Creole Oyster Stew – With pepper, thyme, and Tabasco on the ingredient list, this recipe for Oyster Stew packs more of a spicy bunch, as creole cooking tends to do.

Sweet Red Pepper & Crab Bisque – Sweet red bell peppers balance savory southern ingredients perfectly in this easy to make bisque. And in less than 45 minutes, you’ll be ready to serve up a big Gulf flavor.

James Boyce Gulf Seafood Chowder – This stew ain’t no starter, it’s the main attraction. With crab, shrimp, oysters and Grouper all packed into one bowl, you’re guests won’t need a second helping – but they’ll want one for sure.

Shrimp & Andouille Sausage Gumbo – Hearty, spicy, rich, and southern – you can never go wrong serving a classic bowl of gumbo. We recommend Conecuh Sausage for a down home flavor your guests can’t get anywhere else.


Kowliga Hushpuppies – So it’s not seafood, but we like to think it’s seafood’s best friend. The kind folks down at Kowliga Restaurant on Lake Martin shared this recipe with us. Serve it up next to deep-fried seafood anything and you’ll have a Christmas dinner they’ll talk about for years to come.

Herbed Gulf Oyster Stuffing – How does one improve on a holiday classic? With bacon and oysters, of course. This Gulf Coast classic is one of our best-kept secrets, but we’re serving it up for all to share.

Gramma Byrne’s Scalloped Oysters – If you wanna know how to cook oysters right, ask an oysterman’s momma. And that’s just what we did. This scalloped oysters recipe comes from the kitchen of one of Alabama’s oldest oyster families, Bon Secour Fisheries.

Crab Au Gratin – Just 45 minutes and a few short steps will leave you with a savory side dish featuring rich, creamy flavors and a sterling reputation in the kitchen.

Frank Stitt’s Pickled Shrimp – Never underestimate the value of a make-ahead dish. Or Chef Frank Stitt for that matter. The James Beard award-winning chef was kind enough to share this mouthwatering recipe for Pickled Shrimp with us and we suggest you share it with your friends.


Shrimp, Sausage & Chicken Jambalaya – When you’re looking to feed a crowd, look no further. This jambalaya recipe is a one pot wonder when cooking for a crowd.

Crabcakes with Mustard Creole Sauce – It’s hard to go wrong with crabcakes. Dress this recipe up by serving it on top of greens or dress it down on a warm kaiser roll – either way you can’t go wrong.

Crabmeat Stuffed Shrimp – Creamy dressing, sweet crab meat and savory herbs mixed up and stuffed inside Royal Alabama’s legendary Red Shrimp pretty much says all you need to know. But on top of that, this recipe whips up easy and can be baked in bulk just before dinnertime to easily serve a crowd.

Pecan Crusted Grouper – Toasted pecans add a nice crunch on top of this glazed grouper and a little something different to the menu.

Redfish with Pontchartrain Sauce & Conecuh Jambalaya – The ingredient list is long, but don’t let that scare you away. This recipe is packed with a punch of flavor and is surprisingly easy to execute despite the long shopping list.


Seafood Quiche with Crabmeat & Shrimp – Crabmeat, shrimp and a sautéed vegetables, cook to perfection and serve up a perfect Christmas morning treat.

Crustless Crabmeat Pie – Gruyere cheese melts to gooey perfection and perfectly compliments the savory flavors of crab, sautéed mushroom and green onion.

Crabmeat Florentine – This recipe is rich with flavors from parmesan cheese, sautéed garlic and sweet crabmeat. But since it’s served over sautéed spinach it’s practically a health food and definitely a hit at the family table.

Baked Crabmeat Benedict – Once you’ve tried Alabama Gulf Crabmeat Benedict, plain ole eggs won’t ever be enough to satisfy your brunch cravings.

Low Country Shrimp & Grits – We’ll give South Carolina credit for a truly great recipe, but it won’t ever be as good without the secret ingredient: Alabama Gulf Shrimp.

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