Red Snapper Season is Here on Alabama’s Gulf Coast

While Red Snapper is enjoyed all over the globe, there’s only one Red Snapper Capital of the World—and it’s Alabama.

That’s why Red Snapper Season is a bit of a holiday around here. After waiting months and months until the weather’s warm enough, we enjoy a handful of weeks every summer where we’re allowed to reel in these beautiful rosy-colored fish and keep ‘em for dinner.

The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (ADCNR) and NOAA Fisheries announced that Alabama’s 2019 Red Snapper Season officially kicked off Saturday, June 1st and will include every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through Sunday, July 28th (including one extra Thursday for the 4th of July).

Keep in mind, those dates apply to recreational anglers who are fishing from a private vessel or a state-licensed guide boat.

For federally permitted charter boats, Red Snapper Season runs every day between June 1st and August 2nd, including weekdays that are off limits to private anglers.

Don’t forget that all anglers must report their catches prior to landing! All private vessels, state-licensed guide boats, and federally permitted charter vessels are required to report their Red Snapper landings immediately, which will aid in the reporting for the fishery managers who control this species’ harvest to avoid exceeding federal quotas.

2019 is the second year that the ADCNR has worked with NOAA Fisheries to implement a viable system of fishery management for Red Snapper in the federal waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The dates for 2019’s Red Snapper Season are based largely on the average size of Red Snapper collected in Alabama during the 2018 season.

Additionally, Alabama will use Snapper Check to monitor this year’s landings during the season. This could lead to an adjustment to the Red Snapper Season parameters in order to provide maximum access for fishermen while still observing our state quota.

“Red Snapper Season is my favorite time of year!” said Chris Blankenship, commissioner of the ADCNR and program administrator for the Alabama Seafood Marketing Commission. “I love to see people catching fish and enjoying the best artificial reef system in the country. Red Snapper are delicious and abundant, and they put up a great fight. Red Snapper Season is truly a great family fishing time.”

Now that summer’s in the air and the big fish are biting, we implore you to get out there and reel in a few of these beauties.

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Enjoy our Red Snapper Season, Alabama!

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