Eight Alabama Sauces and Seasonings for Your Next Seafood Dinner

One of the beautiful things about fresh Alabama Gulf Seafood is that it’s full of natural flavor. Whether you’re feasting on boiled Blue Crabs or grilling up seasonal fish, you’re in for a real treat.

That isn’t to say, however, that extra flavors aren’t allowed.

The right seasoning, sauce, marinade, or boil can do wonders for your Alabama Seafood dinner. And luckily for us, there are local purveyors (and a couple friends of ours from out of state) for all kinds of seafood accoutrements that’ll serve you well when it’s time to dine.

Here are eight Alabama seasonings and sauces that we’d recommend for your next seafood feast.

Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q Original White Sauce

Okay, yes, Alabama white sauce is a known commodity in Alabama, and it’s known mostly for going on pork and chicken. But if you grew up around here, you know that white sauce is quite tasty on Gulf shrimp and some kinds of Gulf fish as well. There are several different bottles of white sauce made right here at home, but we’ll recommend the original from Big Bob himself.

Dak’s Spices

These all-natural seasonings are great for healthy eaters—they contain no salt, no MSG, they’re preservative-free, and they’re low on carbs. Best of all, they taste great, of course. Dak’s makes a terrific Cajun Voodoo blend that goes great in jambalaya and gumbo, a Blackened rub that’s perfect for fish dinners, and seasonings like Lemon Pepper, Asian Zing, and Original Red that go great on just about anything.

Heifer Dust Rub

Don’t let the name fool you—these tasty blends aren’t just for burgers and steaks. Their flagship All-Purpose Seasoning may taste best on land meat, but their newest flavor, Creole Buttery Grilling Seasoning, is perfect for all kinds of Gulf seafood products. In fact, the recipe was created by none other than Captain Troy Frady, a professional offshore fishing guide here on Alabama’s Gulf Coast.

Mis’ Rubin’s Seasonings

This Birmingham-based company has carried on a tradition that started in a Montgomery meat market in 1935. Now, these legendary seasonings come in a family of four, and three of them are ideal for Alabama Gulf Seafood. The White Magic Seasoning is an all-purpose rub that goes great with seafood, the Creole Magic Seasoning will give your meal a nice kick, and the Fish Magic Seasoning needs no explanation.

Moore’s Marinades & Sauces

With nearly a dozen sauces and marinades to delight your taste buds, this Jasper-based business offers a variety of flavors to enjoy. Don’t let the phrase “wing sauce” dissuade you, though—they’re great for all kinds of seafood dishes as well. In fact, they’ve got more than 35 recipes on their website, and many of them feature Alabama Gulf Seafood products like Red Snapper, Crab Cakes, Oyster Po’ Boys, and lots of Gulf Shrimp.

Parrain’s Cajun Butter Seasoning

You might’ve heard us sing the praises of the Oyster Bed over the years. But those folks are good at more than just crafting cooking tools. Their patented Parrain’s Cajun Butter Seasoning is a terrific addition to just about any kind of Gulf seafood thanks to the “Cajun holy trinity” of smokiness, heat, and creole flavor. Of course, we’d recommend sprinkling some on fresh Alabama oysters!

Ron & Jerry’s White Trash Boil

This list wouldn’t be complete without a seafood boil, and thankfully, Ron & Jerry have us covered. Created by a Baton Rouge restaurateur and a Birmingham surgeon, this tasty mixture may have been crafted with crawfish in mind, but it should come as no surprise that it’s also a delicious base for a big batch of Alabama Blue Crabs or a low county boil with fresh Alabama Gulf Shrimp.

Southern Flavor Charbroil Seasoning

Here’s a product that trademarks itself with simplicity—just sprinkle it on your dish, and that’s it. And with a simple name like “Southern Flavor,” you know you’re in store for a something tasty. Their Original Charbroil Seasoning is a worthy flagship, the Deer & Wild Game Seasoning is great on fish and shrimp too, and if you appreciate the heat, the Cajun (Hot) Seasoning is terrific on just about everything.

Looking for a recipe or two to try with your new sauces and seasonings? Don’t forget that we’ve got more than 150 of them, and they’re ideal for local product.

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