Enjoy Less Stress in Your Kitchen with Seven Easy Seafood Recipes

Sometimes you’re craving something fresh and healthy, but the recipe you had in mind is just too complex, too time-consuming, or requires too many ingredients. We’ve all been there; and we’ve all settled for something simpler. We’ll admit, since many of our 150+ Alabama Gulf Seafood recipes were sourced from chefs and restaurants, some of them are a bit…intricate. And they’re all worth the investment, but sometimes, that just isn’t an option for most of us. But you’re in luck! Many of our recipes are both tasty and easy. We’ve pulled seven recipes that feature ten ingredients or fewer—some that only require seven or eight. And lots of these ingredients are things you probably already have in your kitchen, like salt and pepper, butter, or olive oil. Next time you’ve had a long day and you want to reward yourself without exhausting yourself, give one of these dishes a spin. https://eatalabamaseafood.test/media/Bacon-Wrapped-Shrimp.jpg Bacon Wrapped, Jalapeño and Cheese Stuffed Shrimp The beauty of this one is in the title, really: It’s Alabama Gulf Shrimp, stuffed with cheese and peppers, and wrapped in bacon. What more do you need from a meal? After seasoning the shrimp, it’s just a matter of assembling each piece, shoving them onto a few skewers, and then letting them cook for a couple minutes on each side. https://eatalabamaseafood.test/media/barbecue-shrimp-2.jpg Rebecca Gordon’s Barbecue Shrimp As the brains behind Buttermilk Lipstick, Rebecca Gordon knows Southern food. And she knows that Alabama Gulf Shrimp don’t need much extra flare to taste terrific. Just break out your favorite skillet, mix all the ingredients, and toss in the shrimp. This one’s so easy, you’ll be doing more work cracking and peeling than cooking! https://eatalabamaseafood.test/media/gumbo-pizza-4-2.jpg Famous Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo Gumbo Pizza Pizza and gumbo might just be two of the all-time greatest comfort foods, and they coexist beautifully in this recipe from the ADSFR. On top of that, when you’ve got eight ingredients and half of them are meat—chicken, sausage, bacon, and fresh Alabama Gulf Shrimp—you know you’re in for a treat. Just assemble, bake, and enjoy! https://eatalabamaseafood.test/media/BBQ-Claws.jpg BBQ Crab Claws Fresh Alabama Blue Crabs are delicious even with minimal added flavors, so this BBQ recipe is just a tasty bonus. You probably already have half of these ingredients in your pantry (especially the white wine). This one’s perfect for an afternoon snack or a hefty appetizer if dinner’s gonna take a long time to cook. https://eatalabamaseafood.test/media/wolf-bay-crab-dip.jpg Cha Cha’s Crab Dip If you prepare this tasty crab dip for your friends or family, they might be shocked to learn that it only needs seven ingredients. The recipe only calls for four ounces of Alabama crabmeat, but we’d recommend making two or three portions if you’ve got a crowd to feed. Don’t forget to pick up a bag of your favorite chips or crackers! https://eatalabamaseafood.test/media/1-Header-e1448396554924.jpg{IMAGE_END} Gramma Byrne’s Scalloped Oysters You don’t have to wait ‘til Thanksgiving or Christmas to enjoy this delightful oyster dish. In fact, you might be able to cook this recipe with stuff you’ve already got around the house, like bread and cracker crumbs, butter, and half and half. Just add fresh Gulf oysters, of course. We’d recommend Nelson’s Brand from Bon Secour! https://eatalabamaseafood.test/media/Fish-in-Parchment-2.jpg Alabama Gulf Fish in Parchment with Citrus Reduction If you’re short on ingredients and you’re limited on time, this is the perfect fish dinner for you and your family. You only need a few ingredients to dress your filets and some parchment paper to wrap them up, then stick them in the oven to bake. Best of all, this recipe works for many different kinds of fish; we’d recommend Red Snapper or Grouper!

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