Alabama’s Gulf Coast Needs Our Support. Here’s How You Can Help.

It’s been a rough year for most of us. And right now, Alabama’s Seafood Industry is hurting just a little bit extra. COVID-19 had a profound impact on restaurants, wholesalers, and food processors all across the country, and Alabama was no exception. That doesn’t even factor in tourism dollars for all the potential visitors who were forced to cancel their vacations. Then just this month, as the industry was starting to get back on its feet, Hurricane Sally devastated parts of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Right about now, Alabama’s Gulf Coast could use a helping hand. If you’re able to support the industry that helps us all put food on the table, we sure would appreciate it. And if you’re wondering about the best ways to pitch in, we’ve got a few suggestions for you. Here’s how you can help: Order From Local Restaurants and Retailers If you live along Alabama’s beaches or Mobile Bay, the easiest way to show your support for Alabama’s seafood industry is to buy from them directly. Call up a local wholesaler and place an order for fresh Alabama product to cook in your own home, or if you’d prefer to let the professionals do the cooking, place a takeaway order from your favorite local restaurant that serves Gulf product. If you’re looking for purveyors in your neighborhood, check out our locations database and pay ’em a visit. Support Restaurant & Hospitality Workers If you don’t live on Alabama’s Gulf Coast, you can still help the restaurants and bars that are hurting from the effects of COVID-19 and Hurricane Sally. The Alabama Restaurant & Hospitality Association created a Workers Relief Fund earlier this year, and while they hit their original goal, they could still use the help. And remember, your donations are 100% tax deductible! Book A Fall or Winter Vacation on Coastal Alabama With coronavirus arriving right around spring break, Alabama’s big vacation season suffered greatly. Thankfully, the colder months are secretly a great time to take a trip to Alabama’s beaches. Find a vacation home, condo, or hotel in Gulf Shores or Orange Beach and book a few days to get away before the holidays. We’d highly recommend the recently reopened The Lodge at Gulf State Park if you need a place to start. Donate or Volunteer Through Relief Organizations If you’d like to have a more hands-on impact in the coastal recovery effort, you can volunteer for or donate money and supplies to relief organizations. The United Cajun Navy, a nonprofit outfit focusing on natural disasters, arrived just after Hurricane Sally struck Orange Beach and have been helping out ever since. And there’s always the Alabama wing of the Red Cross, who are currently in need of cash and blood as well as volunteer hours (though they are unable to accept donations of supplies). Spread the Word about Alabama Gulf Seafood If you’re not in a place to make a monetary donation—and we know there are lots of folks in such a position—there are other ways you can help out. One way is simply spreading the word about Alabama Gulf Seafood! Hop on social media and tell your friends how much you love the fresh product caught in Alabama waters, then encourage them to help out however they’re able. Catching and cooking Alabama Gulf Seafood has always been a team effort, and that’s exactly how we’re gonna get ourselves out of this mess as well. Thank y’all for your help, and stay safe out there in these wild times.

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