How-To: Shuck an Oyster

It can seem like the trickiest task in the world of seafood, but shucking an oyster can be easy if you’ve got the right tools.

What You’ll Need

A trusted pair of gloves (some even use chainmail) and a durable oyster knife.

Step One

First, run cold water over your oysters and scrub them for mud and dirt. You’ll need a pair of sturdy gloves and a good oyster knife from here on.

Step Two

Place the oyster cup side down and with the point facing you. While you hold the oyster down (with your hand perpendicular to the knife), insert the knife into the hinge and twist it until the hinge pops.

Step Three

Scrape the knife along the middle and rotate the oyster until you’ve pried the whole thing open.

Step Four

Once the oyster is opened up, slide the knife under the meat to loosen it up and check to make sure there’s no shell or grit. Now, you’re ready to dig in.

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