Let Them Eat Seafood: Survey Shows Increase in Awareness and Demand for Alabama Gulf Seafood

There are many moving parts in the Alabama Gulf Seafood industry.

The hard-working men and women of our state show up day after day to catch it, clean it, head it, pick it, shuck it, grade it, bread it, pack it, freeze it, and transport it.

But none of this work would mean a thing if you didn’t cook it, eat it, and come back for seconds.

That’s why we commissioned a survey in November of 2013 through New South Research that asked hundreds of consumers to share their thoughts on Alabama Gulf Seafood and the campaign promoting it. As a result, we learned that our campaign has been a positive and impactful one.

Check out some of the significant takeaways from our 2013 survey.


A big part of our mission is to keep Gulf seafood at the top of the consumer’s mind over other seafood products or other protein sources. And thus far, it looks like we’re making progress.

When respondents were asked the open-ended question of what the phrase “Alabama Gulf Seafood” brought to mind:

28 percent of respondents said “Caught in the Gulf” (up from 17 percent in November 2012) 22 percent of respondents said “Fresh” (up from 18 percent in November 2012) “Tasty/Good” doubled since April 2012, rising from 5 percent to 10 percent

More importantly, though, the association with the Deepwater Horizon oil spill declined significantly, falling from 13 percent in April 2012 to 6 percent in November 2013.

Point of Purchase

It’s hard to enjoy fresh Alabama Gulf Seafood without knowing where to get it. When we asked about where consumers get their Gulf seafood, here’s what they had to say:

Respondents who said they purchase their seafood at seafood/fish markets decreased from 43 percent in April 2012 to 29 percent in November 2012 and 26 percent in November 2013 There was an increase in respondents who said they get their seafood on the coast or in Gulf Shores from 15 percent in April 2012 to 20 percent in November 2013

Grocery stores are still the top choice for purchasing seafood (33 percent in November 2013), followed by seafood/fish markets.


We certainly enjoy spreading the good word about Alabama Gulf Seafood to you fine folks, and it sounds like you’re enjoying what we have to say.

When we asked is respondents had seen, heard, or read about Alabama Gulf Seafood recently, 86 percent of the folks who had seen our ads strongly or somewhat agreed that the ad made them hungry for Alabama Gulf Seafood. This was an 8 percent increase from November 2012.

But did you guys follow up on your craving? Well, it certainly sounds like it. 85 percent of respondents strongly agreed that our ads convinced them to eat Alabama Gulf Seafood at a restaurant or at home in the next three weeks, which was a 25 percent increase from November 2012. On top of that, 22 percent of respondents went straight to our website to find the closest seafood retailers in their neighborhood and to learn more about the product.

We take great pride in telling the story of some of the hardest-working Alabamians around, and we enjoy promoting their product on a daily basis.

But once again, we couldn’t do what we do without the support of Gulf seafood fans around the world. So eat up, folks, and remember to always ask and never settle.

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