Rebecca Gordon’s Tips for Seafood Tailgating

Football season is here, and that means it’s time for tailgating. There are plenty of creative ways to feature Alabama Gulf Seafood at your tailgate, but we decided to let a professional handle this one. Here’s some expert tailgating advice from Rebecca Gordon_, former Test Kitchen Director at Southern Living and creator of Buttermilk Lipstick._

Welcome, my friends, to the 2015 tailgating season!

Trust me, I know it can be tough getting out of town on game day with a beautiful party plan in mind, or pulling together a chic soiree in front of the television—you’re busy!

Relax. I’m here to make it easy, effortless, and fun! With a little pre-game strategy, you’ll be throwing the best Saturday shindigs ever.

To get you started, try these ideas for tailgating in good taste:

Three Ways to Elevate Your Tailgate

Tray Chic

Use trays sprinkled throughout your home to organize food and beverages.

Fill enamelware trays with ice and nestle bowls of mayonnaise-based salads in them to keep foods at safe temperatures.

Cover Up

Buy yards of fabric to cover tables. Burlap is inexpensive and makes a nice neutral backdrop for team colors.

Fold and iron to make table runners. Allow fabric to puddle neatly. Secure ends with straight pins if necessary.

Paper, Plastic, or Silver?

Yes. Yes. And yes!

Pick up a variety of paper napkins and non-breakable utensils in your school colors. But don’t hesitate to pull out your holiday best. (Think Ole Miss.)

Mix and match patterns and prints. Tuck in a few cloth linens to instantly elevate the look. And of course, be sure to pack and serve plenty of fresh Alabama Gulf Seafood tailgate fare this football season.

Give this recipe a try.

Bloody Mary Shrimp Cocktail

This high-low appetizer hits all the highlights of a good game day. It’s quick and easy to prepare with a 20-minute prep time from start to finish.

Once you’ve completed the Bloody Mary Shrimp Cocktail recipe, pack the shrimp in zip-lock bags and put the sauce in well-sealed containers. Be sure to cover them up with plenty of ice, and remember that transporting the shrimp and sauce in a cooler with wheels makes it a breeze to get to your spot quickly.

When it’s time to eat, create a beautiful and safe spread and get ready to fix the plates. Nestle the bowls of shrimp and sauce into larger bowls filled with ice.

Remember, food safety is a top priority. Don’t have anything linger more than 30 minutes, especially on an extra warm afternoon.

For more recipes and tailgating tips from Rebecca Gordon, join her at 10 a.m. every Saturday during football season for Tide & Tigers Today on Fox 6 in Birmingham, or visit Buttermilk Lipstick anytime for fresh, new tailgating recipes loaded with delicious Alabama Gulf Seafood.

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