Mix Up Your Dinner Menu with These Six Shrimp Pasta Recipes

Fresh Alabama Gulf Shrimp goes with just about anything. From a side of seasonal veggies to a basket of fries to a bed of rice or grits, these versatile shellfish are easy to cook and easy to pair.

But there’s just something about a shrimp pasta that’s hard to beat.

Of course, pastas come in all shapes and sizes—not just the noodles themselves, but the sauces and seasonings and ingredients that go into the mix. Perhaps that’s why Gulf shrimp are such a perfect pairing.

There’s no need to save your shrimp pasta meals for restaurants and dinner parties. With these six recipes, a delicious family meal is just around the corner. Pick one and give a whirl sometime soon!

Gamberoni Alla Siracusa with Royal Red Shrimp

Royal Red Shrimp truly don’t need much added to the dish to make a perfect meal, so a simple angel hair pasta like this is just right. All it takes is a little garlic, a few capers, and some crushed tomatoes to really bring out the flavor. Don’t forget that you have to cook the pasta in advance!

Hot and Hot Noodle Bowl

Chef Chris Hastings doesn’t always share his secrets, but this dish from Hot and Hot Fish Club will have you feeling like you’re dining at a Beard-winning restaurant. You’ll have to track down a few items for this one—including frog legs and Red Snapper jowls—but trust us, it’s worth it.

Shrimp Jambalaya Pasta

Jambalaya is a real Southern delicacy, but if you’ve never tried it in pasta form, you’re in for a treat. This dish features tasty Andouille sausage (feel free to substitute Conecuh Sausage!), but the fresh Gulf shrimp are the star of the show. Hank Williams Sr. would be proud.

Lemon Herb Shrimp over Pasta

Food Network star Martie Duncan knows her seafood, and this dish is as good as it looks. Lemon, white wine, and tomatoes are the perfect accent to the Gulf shrimp, and this meal is just as tasty no matter what type of pasta you prefer. (Just don’t skimp on the shrimp, folks!)

Shrimp with Feta over Angel Hair Pasta

You’ll find lots of shrimp pasta recipes with ingredients like tomatoes and onions, but it’s the feta cheese that makes this recipe from the Junior League of Birmingham really stand out. (And while clams aren’t Gulf product, we’ll make an exception for the clam juice secret ingredient here.)

Game Day Alabama Gulf Shrimp Fried Mac & Cheese Bites

Okay, we’re cheating a little bit with this one. Mac and cheese doesn’t really count as a pasta dish, but it does include noodles! And you’ll thank us next time you need a seafood-inspired appetizer or gameday snack, because these shrimp-filled little beauties are sure to be a big hit.

Once you’ve made your way through these delightful dishes, we’ve got plenty more in store. Browse our Recipes section for 150+ Gulf seafood plates to enjoy in your own home.

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