The Gulf in Orange Beach Celebrates the Seafood Industry and Beach Life

Alabama’s Gulf Coast is famous for lots of things. Mouth-watering fresh seafood. Beautiful beaches and crisp, clean air. And, of course, fun times that turn into fond memories.

And now there’s a place for all of those things.

On Tuesday, Nov. 13, Orange Beach welcomed Alabama’s newest coastal restaurant, aptly named The Gulf, on Perdido Beach Blvd. at the Perdido Pass Bridge. Here you’ll find cold drinks, live music, and of course fresh Alabama Gulf Seafood, from grouper sandwiches to flounder ceviche.

And the location couldn’t be better.

“It’s the most beautiful view on the entire Gulf Coast,” said Johnny Fisher, partner of The Gulf. “The boat traffic, the bridge, dolphins, fishermen, the unobstructed view of Florida Point and the jetties…it’s just amazing.”

But the festivities won’t be limited to the land. According to Fisher—who was approached by Shaul Zislin, owner of The Hangout in Gulf Shores, to help oversee the project—The Gulf and its audience will be a checkpoint of sorts for local charter boats.

“We want to celebrate and promote charter boats,” said Fisher. “One way we will accomplish this is by interacting with the boats as they come in from a trip. We will interact with the captains over a PA to really put on a show as they hold up their catch to our crowd.”

If that wasn’t enough of an effort to promote the Alabama Gulf Seafood industry, The Gulf was designed with a marina aesthetic in mind. Literally—the restaurant is housed inside, on top of and around a handful of large blue shipping containers.

The concept, brought to life by architect Courtney Brett of Daphne (who, according to Fisher, is the youngest licensed architect in America), was drawn up to reflect an appreciation for design while maintaining the rugged attitude of the seafood industry.

And, as Fisher points out, it’s a big part of the fun. “It’s not unlike working with Legos,” he said. “The possible configurations are endless.”

Zislin and Fisher have grand plans for The Gulf property that may include fishing resources, retail shopping and even a boardwalk. But in the meantime, locals and vacationers alike can stop by The Gulf for a new twist on the traditional beachside eatery.

“Our staff is genuine, passionate, well-trained and excited to be serving,” said Fisher. “We truly want to provide an experience that is unique and memorable.”

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