Watch Alabama Crab Fishermen Harvest and Process Blue Crabs

Whether it’s crab claws, lump crabmeat, or whole soft-shell crabs, Alabama Blue Crab is a Gulf seafood treasure.

Alabama lands one to two million pounds of Blue Crab annually, but we process over five million pounds of Blue Crab total, thanks to daily truckloads from Mississippi and Louisiana.

For those who’ve never tried it, crabbing ain’t easy. There’s a process involved, including baiting and loading crab traps and keeping the crabs alive once they’re caught. There’s even more to it if you’re harvesting soft-shell crabs.

Once you know how they get to your plate, you’ll appreciate Blue Crab even more. That’s why we love that our friends at the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources put together a quick and engaging video detailing the process of crab fishing—everything from trapping and harvesting to boiling and picking.

Check out the video above, then track down a Gulf seafood restaurant or market in your neighborhood and order up some fresh Blue Crab.

Want to see more of Alabama’s seafood industry? Check out the ADCNR’s video on Alabama oyster tongers.

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