Summer Seafood Social Roundup: The Best Instagram Photos of the Season

Sure, it’s been unusually hot this September, but the summer’s starting to wind down now.

However, after glancing at our Instagram feed, we came to one conclusion: Y’all were busy this summer! We’re now over 1000 total uses of our #ALSeafood hashtag on Instagram, and lots of that action lately has been wonderful photos of your Alabama Gulf Seafood catches, from Red Snapper and Triggerfish to Blue Crabs and Gulf Shrimp.

Thanks to all of you who’ve been posting and tagging your photos of Alabama Gulf Seafood, whether they’re fresh out of the water or perfectly plated at your favorite restaurant. Remember, if you want to connect with other seafoodies here on the Gulf Coast (and maybe see your photos in one of our upcoming articles), use the #ALSeafood hashtag on Twitter and Instagram!

Check out these summer catches, then get out there and reel in some cold-weather fish during the offseason!