What is it: Often called the “dolphinfish” or “dorado,” Mahi-Mahi is a true beauty of Alabama’s Gulf Coast. Their bodies are a brilliant blend of blue and green with a golden yellow that reaches its fins and forked tail. But as with most fish, the real beauty comes from the inside. Mahi is a firm but flaky fish with a sweet, mild flavor that tops the lists of many seafood fans.

When to Get it: Thankfully, Mahi is one of the more plentiful fish in the Gulf, so you’ll see it on the menu all year long. The biggest harvests happen from April to August (with a peak in May), so expect the freshest catch during the warm months.

Where Does it Come From: This fish prefers the warm tropical and subtropical waters of the Gulf Coast, so you’ll find it offshore as far south as the Caribbean.

How it’s Prepared: Mahi-Mahi can be prepared with any of the standard techniques for saltwater fish. If you’re looking for a meal on the lighter side, Mahi goes great on a sandwich. Just toast and butter a pair of French bread slices, grill the Mahi for a few minutes on each side, and add any trimmings you like. If butter isn’t enough extra flavor for you, try adding some tartar or aioli.

Species: Mahi-Mahi.