What is it: For a fish that’s small in size but large in taste, look no further than the Gray Triggerfish. Once ignored by commercial fishermen, these guys made a comeback and are now considered among the finest fish on the Alabama Gulf Seafood menu. Their clean white meat carries a uniquely sweet flavor when cooked, so give this fish a try if you’re in the mood for something different.

When to Get it: The Triggerfish is sustainably managed throughout the Gulf, so there are plenty to go around. Look for it on seafood menus all year long.

Where Does it Come From: Warm waters are the habitat of choice for Triggerfish, so they’re right at home just off the shores of the Gulf Coast. They tend to settle in depths of 60 to 120 feet around artificial and natural reefs, but they’ve been spotted near the beaches at marks as shallow as five to ten feet around structure.

How it’s Prepared: Triggerfish filets are normally light and thin, so they’re great in just about any standard fish recipe. Pan-frying makes for a quick and painless recipe, so try cooking these filets with butter and then using the same pan to stir up a sauce made with white wine and lemon juice.

Species: Gray Triggerfish.