Bacon Wrapped By-Catch Sausage

Bacon-Wrapped By-Catch Sausage:

Soak bread crumbs in half the cream to make a panada.

Rough chop the fish, toss with seasonings, and puree in food processor until smooth. Add egg whites and panada, then combine until smooth. Pulse in remaining cream as needed. Fold in herbs.

Place forcemeat in pastry bag. Line cutting board with plastic wrap. Lay out bacon in a row, slightly overlapping. Pipe forcemeat into an even thickness across a third of the bacon.

Roll up into a roulade and seal tightly with plastic wrap. Poach in a pot of simmering water until internal temperature reads 135 degrees.

Remove from water, unwrap, and sear in a hot sauté pan with oil until bacon is crisp.

Remove from pan and slice with a sharp knife. Plate with romesco and slaw

Gochujang Romesco:

Puree everything together and set aside for service.

Cauliflower Slaw:

Toss cauliflower and cabbage in salt and sugar, then let sit while making the rest of the dish.

Squeeze out excess juice and toss with remaining ingredients. Set aside for service.