Fried Oysters on the Shell with Crema de Palmito

Crack open the oyster and remove from shell. Place oyster and their liquor in a container. Reserve. Clean oyster shell of any debris. Reserve.

For Flour: Place all ingredients in a mixing bowl, mix well and hold.

For Egg Wash: Place all ingredients in a bowl, mix well and hold.

For Breading: Dust oysters one at a time in seasoned flour, then place each dusted oyster in egg wash. Remove, careful to drain excess liquid, then toss each oyster in seasoned flour until completely covered. Repeat this for each oyster. Hold for pan frying.

To Fry: In a cast iron skillet, bring up clarified butter and bacon lard to temp over medium high heat. Lay each oyster in the skillet. Cook on each side until breading is browned and crisp. Remove from skillet and hold on plate with paper towel to remove excess grease.

For Heart of Palm Cream: In a medium sized pot, melt cubed butter over medium heat and add mirepoix. Sweat until tender. Add chopped heart of palm, add minced garlic and minced shallots, reduce heat so pot does not caramelize (edges of the pot turn brown, this will keep the sauce from turning brown). Cook further until all ingredients are tender, about 5 minutes total. Add lemon juice, lemon zest, and bay leaves. Allow to cook for 1 minute further and add clam stock and clam meat. Reduce flame and slowly reduce liquid by half. Once stock is reduced, add heavy cream and continue to cook for 5-7 minutes. Add grated cheese, check for taste, season to taste. With a hand blender, or food processor, or blender, puree stock until smooth. Allow to rest.

For Dish: Lay each oyster shell in a platter, place ½ to 1 oz of heart of palm cream on shell and place fried oyster on top, garnish with chives and serve immediately.