Lionfish Nachos

You may have heard that Lionfish is an invasive species that’s threatening the ecosystem stability of our Gulf Coast.

Yes, we need to catch as many of them as we can. And thankfully, their filets are quite tasty, so they won’t go to waste when we do catch them.

If you can find a few Lionfish filets, this is a fantastic recipe to try. And if Lionfish is hard to come by in your neighborhood, try substituting Flounder.


Season Lionfish to taste with salt and granulated garlic.

With a skillet on high, sear very lightly and very quickly sauté the Lionfish fillets in oil. Make sure that the Lionfish are ultra rare.

Set aside on a plate in a cooler or refrigerator.

Wonton Nachos:

Cut into wonton wraps triangles and fry at 350 degrees until crisp.

Place on paper towels to drain and set aside.

Wasabi Drizzle:

Mix wasabi powder into water until dissolved.

Mix in with creole mustard, sugar, and 1 cup mayo, then set aside.

Spicy Mayo:

Mix Sriracha hot sauce and 1 cup mayo well, then set aside.


Remove Lionfish from cooler, slice ultra thin and split into four portions.

Place a pile of wonton nachos. Place lionfish on top of nachos. Garnish with chopped peppers and onions. Drizzle a small amount of each sauce onto the nachos. Top with seaweed salad.