Pecan and Herb Encrusted Red Snapper

Red Snapper (ingredients 1-4)

Pat fish portions dry with paper towel, then heat pan over high heat and add butter and olive oil. Once butter has melted, season fish generously and immediately place in the pan.

Reduce heat to medium and cook until color has changed with about half the fish to a white color (about 4-5 minutes).

Remove the pan from the heat and flip the fish. The carryover temp should finish the fish perfectly while keeping you from overcooking and drying out the filets (about 4 minutes).

Remove the fish from the pan and place on paper towels to absorb any leeching.

Pecan and Herb Crust (ingredients 5-11)

Run the panko in the robot coupe with the fried herbs. Add this mixture to a kitchen aide or another type of stand mixer.

Fold in the remaining ingredients. Roll and freeze for later use.

Alabama Street Corn and Crab Salad (ingredients 12-21)

Shuck and silk corn, then remove Kernels from cob and scrape cob to remove all “milk” and reserve with kernels.

Place butter in sauté pan and heat over medium heat; combine all ingredients (except tomatoes and green onions) and sauté for 5-7 minutes.

Add the tomatoes and green onions and reduce to low heat. Cook for 5 minutes more.

Blackberry Coulis (ingredients 22-27)

Heat pan over medium heat and add the honey and blackberries. Cook for 5 minutes while being careful not to burn the honey. Blend blackberries and honey mixture.

Strain any seeds from the mixture and add the remaining ingredients while the blender is on a low setting. Chill and hold until ready for use.

Final Build

Place a thin slice (roughly 1/4 inch) of the pecan and herb crust over the fish and place in a warm oven for 2 minutes. This will warm the crust to coat the top of the fish.

Now place the fish directly on top of the warm street corn salad and finish with the blackberry coulis around the plate.