Sage Roasted Gulf Snapper with Alabama Sea Urchin Sauce, Foraged Chanterelles, Crispy Jowl Bacon & Nasturtium

Chef David Bancroft of Acre in Auburn represented Alabama well at the 2014 Great American Seafood Cook-Off with this unique and delicious dish. Think you’ve got the culinary skills to give it a try? Well, it’ll be worth the trouble.

Start out by searing the Snapper and basting it with tied sage basting brush, then roast it in an oven until done.

Reduce the lobster stock and add the tomato paste, lemon, saffron, and uni, then emulsify and wisk in butter.

Char your corn over a sauté burner before removing the corn from the cob. Then sauté the bacon before removing it to a towel and adding mushrooms and garlic to the renderings. Finish by shaving raw radish with a microplane onto the renderings.

Finally, plate the Snapper in the center of your dish and garnish with veggies, herbs, and sauce for the finishing touch.