Kowaliga Hushpuppies

Courtesy of Chef Rob McDaniel and Kowaliga Restaurant.

What you need


3 c. self-rising cornmeal

1¼ c. self-rising flour

2 c. chopped onion

2 eggs

1½ c. buttermilk

1 tsp kosher salt

1 tsp baking powder

1½ c. granulated sugar



It’s impossible to serve up a proper fried seafood platter without a side of hushpuppies. And since you’ve already got the fryer going, you’ll have a basket full of sweet, crispy hushpuppies in no time.


Find a nice, big bowl and start by mixing all of the dry ingredients together. (We recommend yellow cornmeal, but white cornmeal is perfectly all right.) Once the dry ingredients are mixed thoroughly, whisk the buttermilk and eggs together in a separate bowl and then combine all of the ingredients. Make sure you’ve mixed it well.


Once the mixture is ready, check that the oil in the fryer is between 325 and 350 degrees. Find a small ice cream scoop (or any sort of large spoon) and scoop the batter into the fryer, one scoop at a time. (And don’t worry if they’re not perfect spheres; they all fry up just the same.) Let each hushpuppy cook for about 5 minutes, or until each one turns a deep, golden brown. You don’t have to flip them, but you might want to consider it. Just keep a close eye on the color when they’re in the fryer.


When they’re ready to take out, place the hushpuppies on paper towels or newspaper to let them dry out. Make sure you wait a minute before you serve them, too—they’ll be hot.

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