Field Guide: Flounder

Type: flounder


What is it

One of Alabama’s favorite fish, the Flounder can be found all over the place—from coastal passes to fresh waters as far upstream as a hundred miles. Our coast houses both the Southern Flounder and the Gulf Flounder, and you’ll know you’ve caught one if the eyes are both on the same side. While the flavor varies a bit, Flounder are generally on the mild side in taste of the seafood spectrum.

When to get it

Flounder are a late-summer fish, so you’ll get the freshest catch if you order from July through October. Thanks to a long season and a big harvest, you’ll find Flounder in most places year round.

Where does it come from

Because of their built-in camouflage and their sneak-attack feeding habits, you’ll find these masters of disguise along the muddy floors of shorelines and back bays. Docks and piers are the best places to track them down since tidal currents and rock pilings create the perfect hideout for Flounder.

How it's prepared

Flounder meat is very delicate, so this lean, flaky fish will go well in just about anything. Try pan-frying your filets for about ten minutes, adding salt and pepper before they cook, and rounding them out with butter and lemon after they’ve fried to a crisp.


Gulf Flounder, Southern Flounder.

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