Field Guide: Mahi-Mahi

Type: mahi-mahi


What is it

Often called the “dolphinfish” or “dorado,” Mahi-Mahi is a true beauty of Alabama’s Gulf Coast. Their bodies are a brilliant blend of blue and green with a golden yellow that reaches its fins and forked tail. But as with most fish, the real beauty comes from the inside. Mahi is a firm but flaky fish with a sweet, mild flavor that tops the lists of many seafood fans.

When to get it

Thankfully, Mahi is one of the more plentiful fish in the Gulf, so you’ll see it on the menu all year long. The biggest harvests happen from April to August (with a peak in May), so expect the freshest catch during the warm months.

Where does it come from

This fish prefers the warm tropical and subtropical waters of the Gulf Coast, so you’ll find it offshore as far south as the Caribbean.

How it's prepared

Mahi-Mahi can be prepared with any of the standard techniques for saltwater fish. If you’re looking for a meal on the lighter side, Mahi goes great on a sandwich. Just toast and butter a pair of French bread slices, grill the Mahi for a few minutes on each side, and add any trimmings you like. If butter isn’t enough extra flavor for you, try adding some tartar or aioli.



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