Field Guide: Pompano

Type: pompano


What is it

The Florida Pompano is a delicacy of the seafood world. But don’t let the name fool you—this fish spends plenty of time along Alabama’s Gulf Coast too. They may be small in size, usually ranging from two to five pounds, but they’re big on taste; these tender, succulent filets pack so much flavor that they frequently fetch the highest price in restaurants and markets.

When to get it

If you look hard enough, you can reel in Pompano all year round. The fishing is best during the summer and fall, though, so check the waters and the menus from May through November to try this premium fish.

Where does it come from

You can find Pompano along the beaches of Alabama’s Gulf Coast, but if you venture a bit further out to depths of up to 30 feet, you’ll find that they like to spend time around structures like oil and gas rigs as well.

How it's prepared

With a fish that’s in such high demand, it’s safe to say there are plenty of ways to cook it. Fried or broiled Pompano works just fine, but try grilling it if you want to bring out the most flavor. Just make sure you’re using a charcoal grill and you’ve got plenty of lemon butter on hand.



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