Field Guide: Red Snapper

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Red Snapper

What is it

If you’re looking for Red Snapper, you’ve come to the right place—Alabama is known as the Red Snapper Capital of the World. You can tell you’ve hauled in one of these beauties by its rosy red color and a pair of red eyes to match. With a natural nutty flavor that goes well with just about any seafood recipe, Red Snapper is a premium fish on the Gulf Coast. Just make sure to ask your waiter if it’s the real thing—a fish this popular has a lot of imposters carrying its name.

When to get it

While the recreational Red Snapper season tends to change year to year, this fish is available commercially year round. Red Snapper is a popular target for recreational fishermen, so if you’re looking to hook a few yourself, June is your best bet.

Where does it come from

Red Snapper tend to live in places with a lot going on—from reefs and rocks to ship wreckage and pipeline valves. Fortunately for us, Alabama has one of the best artificial reef building programs in the world, making our state one of the most popular Red Snapper hang-out spots in the world.

How it's prepared

Like many of the Gulf Coast’s finest fish, Red Snapper is best when grilled. You could season this fish with just about anything, but lemon and butter are the most popular pairings. Make sure you cook at a low heat, and if you’re bold, take the locals’ advice and grill it on a cedar plank.


Red Snapper.

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