Field Guide: Tarpon

Type: tarpon


What is it

Often called the “Silver King,” the Tarpon is Alabama’s Official State Saltwater Fish. But we don’t eat it—not just for its statewide prestige, but because this fish has a lot of bones and the meat isn’t up to par. However, the Tarpon is on the radar of every good sport fisherman and is a popular target for saltwater fishing tournaments.

When to get it

You can find Tarpon throughout the Gulf Coast whenever the weather is warm, but you’ll get the most bites if you cast a line in May or June.

Where does it come from

Fully grown Tarpon spend their time in mixed waters—anything from bays, salt marshes and tidal pools to the mouths of creeks and rivers. In fact, they’ve even been known to travel upstream into fresher waters.

How it's prepared

No cooking tips here; if you catch a Tarpon, it’s best to snap a photo and then throw it back.


Tarpon (recreational only).

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