Field Guide: Wahoo

Type: wahoo


What is it

A real prize for both sport fishermen and land lubbers alike, Wahoo are known for their quickness. If you happen to reel in one of these speedy fish, which usually run between ten and 50 pounds, then you better have plenty of hungry friends. This fish is a cousin to the Mackerel, so you can expect a similar quality and taste from their flaky white filets.

When to get it

If you’re patient with your rod and reel, you can hook Wahoo throughout the year. You’ll get the most bites during the summer and fall months. And if you’re not the patient type, just look for fresh Wahoo at your local markets and restaurants from May through October.

Where does it come from

Wahoo are a deep-sea breed, so if you’re looking to catch one of your own, make sure you leave the beach and head out to depths of at least 150 feet.

How it's prepared

You’d be hard pressed to find a bad recipe for Wahoo—there’s a reason why the Hawaiian name for this fish, “Ono,” is also their word for “tasty” or “good to eat.” So whether it’s fried, grilled or served any other way, prepare to dig in.



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